About the Project Natural Beauty by Luana Marchi


As a Nutritional Therapist and Health & Wellness Coach I aim to help people to live a healthier life, and for that I mean, finding balance between eating habits, exercising, social life and self-love. 
I want to empower people to love themselves and their individuality instead of wanting to be like someone else. Because when you love who you are right now, it inspires you to work towards your best version instead of punishing and restricting yourself for not being different.

I’m really excited to be sharing with you guys this really special project called Natural Beauty that I’ve developed with two other great professionals, Raquel Pires (Photographer) and Elisa Fonseca (Make-Up artist) to inspire you to cherish and uplifts your own natural beauty.


It will be a serie of posts with the aim to place you on the right way to creating new habits, achieve a healthier and radiant look and improve your self-esteem because a healthy outside starts from the inside. 

What to expect: Nutritional tips; Suggested foods to eat & avoid for a healthier skin; Recipes; DIY food face mask; Hormonal Health; Stress management; My favorite natural skin care products; Motivation & Mindfulness

Tell your friends so they can be motivated too.

Luana Marchi