Tips for Healthier and Radiant Skin #NaturalBeautybyLuanaMarchi


Healthy Skin starts from the inside. Nourishing your body with enough key nutrients is vital to strong and healthy hair and also clear, radiant, and glowing skin! Lifestyle is also important for optimal skin and healthy hair.

All vitamins and minerals serve a purpose and are needed by the body to maintain good health, however there are a few specific nutrients that are particularly important to promote, enhance and protect the structure of our skin. In my opinion these are the top nutrients that will help to create a beautiful complexion from the inside out: Vitamin A; Vitamin C; Vitamin E; Zinc; Silica and Sulphur.

My top tips for healthier and nourished skin are:

▪️Adding good fats/ Omega 3 if possible at every meal - Avocado; seeds; nuts; olive oil; fatty fish etc.

▪️Drinking plenty of water;

▪️Getting enough sleep;

▪️Taking good care of the digestive health;

▪️Good consumption of protein-rich food - beans; lentils; dark leafy greens, sprouts, yogurt and meat.

▪️Loading up antioxidants levels by drinking more herbal teas, organic green juice and adding superfoods into your diet;

▪️Eating foods that may help prevent collagen breakdown and boost collagen production/absorption naturally: Bone broth; chlorella; wild salmon; leafy greens; berries; citrus; eggs; pumpkin seeds; chia seeds etc.

▪️Have Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and chia seeds added to your water bottle.

▪️Switch to “green” natural skin care. I’ve been using the products from Juniper Skin Care and I’m loving it;


Foods to Limit for Healthier Skin:

▪️High GI/ Refined sugar foods;

▪️Trans fat;


▪️Foods you are allergic or sensitive;

Luana Marchi