Nourishing our bodies from the inside will always show on the outside. #NaturalBeautybyLuanaMarchi

Nourishing our bodies from the inside will always show on the outside.

Nourish is a very rich word because it has a kind of literal and metaphorical sense to it. True nourishment goes far beyond the food, vitamins and supplements we consume. Our relationships, dreams, hobbies, and many other aspects of our lives also give us those nourishing qualities that are absolutely vital if we are to thrive as humans.


Take some time to explore the connections between food, love, and other forms of nourishment in your own life.

How we eat is a reflection of how we live. Our hurrying through life is reflected in hurrying through meals. Our fear of emotional emptiness is seen in our overeating. Our need for certainty and control is mirrored in strict dietary rules.

The more we are aware of these connections, the greater the potential for our personal unfolding and inner satisfaction. For in changing the way we eat, we change the way we live. By paying attention while eating, we learn to pay attention in other aspects of our lives. By enjoying food, we begin to enjoy nourishment in all its forms. By loosening dietary restrictions, we learn to open up to life. By accepting our body as it is, we learn to love ourselves for who we are.
What nourishes is our relationship to food, our participation in the ongoing exploration of eating, the wonder, the joy, the shopping, the cooking, the sharing, the healthy foods, the treats and indulges.

Text inspired by Psychology of Eating

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