Love the skin you’re in #NaturalBeautybyLuanaMarchi

🔹Your skin is a fully functioning organ, no different to your liver, heart, kidneys, and brain. Our skin is actually our largest organ and needs to be protected. It serves to both protect you from and interact with the world outside of your body. One of your skin’s important roles as an organ is detoxification.

🔹It’s teeming with bacteria and micro-organisms that work in synergy with the immune system in your skin. Like the bacteria in your digestive tract, they can be beneficial or inflammatory and damaging. Chemicals in products you use on your skin can alter the balance of bugs on your skin.

🔹Anything we rub onto our skin will be directly absorbed into the bloodstream. Toxins and chemicals absorbed into your body from your skin can be less safe than eating them. If you eat something and it’s absorbed, it has to get past your liver first before it can cause damage to your body.  Our cosmetic choices can affect our health with many common chemicals found in everyday products linked to skin irritation, allergies, respiratory problems, conjunctivitis and, worse still, hormonal imbalance and cancers.

🔹Your skin has its own cycles and rhythms. It heals, regenerates and detoxifies overnight while you’re sleeping and using the wrong products can interfere with this process.

🔹Choose products consciously; natural and organic beauty products are not just good for us but also the environment since many of the chemicals found in popular beauty products impact our surroundings too. Organic products are usually packaged in recyclable and minimal packaging as well.

💜Recently I came across a beautiful range of skincare from Manly. Juniper Organic Skincare offers a completely natural and organic alternative to treating skin conditions and health skin maintenance. The ingredients in all of their products are ones you will know and understand. I felt secure knowing there are no nasties disguised in complicated names. Nature can provide us with all we need to heal, nurture and protect our skin.

✋🏼Some of the Nastiest chemicals found in skincare products: BHA and BHT; Parabens; Triclosan; Siloxanes; PEG; Synthetic Fragrance; Phthalates and Petroleum.

My absolute go-to brands: Juniper Organic, Amazing Oils, Bare Minerals, Josie Maran, Andalou Natural, Derma E, O Comestics

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