Healing Herbs #NaturalBeautybyLuanaMarchi


Herbs don't just make your food tastier; they also smooth skin, add shine to hair, aid digestion, heal and reduce inflammation.

Nature has provided us with many healing plants that nourish our skin from the inside and outside. Did you know herbs for skin hold therapeutic benefits too?

By adding herbs from the garden to our plates and also applying it oils and extracts topically can pretty up our skin.

-Herbs such as parsley, coriander, basil, mint, oregano, thyme and sage have traditionally been used because they're rich sources of chlorophyll, beta-carotene and minerals, and because they have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, they're excellent for skin health.


-The most interesting health benefits of rosemary include its ability to prevent premature aging, and heal skin conditions. The leaves of rosemary can also affect the skin internally or topically and have been shown to improve the quality of the skin, while also healing blemishes and increasing the natural shine and hydrated appearance of your body’s largest organ.

-Camomile tea and it's calming, hydrating properties make it not only great for skin but also as part of a night-time ritual to help relax the body into sleep. And a good night's rest is the best way to glowing skin.

-Due to this herb’s natural antibacterial and astringent properties lemongrass is often used in skincare for acne.

-Peppermint Tea is known to boosts blood circulation giving your skin a vibrant glow as well as clearing your mind.

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