Jar Salads

Spring is almost here! Jar salads can be easily carried in the bag with you wherever you go. You can eat it after gym, at work or anywhere! You can prepare it in advance and store it in your fridge, when stored in a airlight  glass container it can last up to a week;

The order of the ingredients will make the difference in the durability of the salad.

How to assemble your jar salad:

1: Dressing

2: Heavier vegetables and vegetables that can stay in contact with the sauce, such as chickpeas, beans and cucumbers.

3: Continue placing the layers, giving preference to the vegetables and grains that it is better not to be in contact with the dressing such as corn, peas, tomatoes, etc. Make sure each layer is tight; less air between the layers will guarantee that the salad will be fresh for longer.

4: Grains and seeds, such as flaxseed, sesame, chia, quinoa, chopped nuts, etc.

5: Light ingredients cut into small pieces, such as fruit, cabbage and herbs.

6: Place green leaves such as lettuce, kale, spinach, sprouts, etc.

Optional: Include a protein source such as chicken, tuna, tofu, cheese and avocado on top of your salad in the day that you will eat the salad.

-Avoid add seasonings during cooking process to grains, pasta and vegetables.

-Enjoy Sunday evening to set up the salads for your whole week; Wash all ingredients thoroughly before putting them in the pot. For leaves, wash and dry them all.

-Be creative, there are many combinations to try.

At meal time just shake the glass a bit to spread the sauce and enjoy it! 

Check in out the "How to Build the perfect Nourish Bowl" for more salad ideas.

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PHOTO CREDIT  Lila Oliveira    

PHOTO CREDIT Lila Oliveira


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