Stop "detoxing"


So the holidays are over and after all the Christmas food, traveling, beach cocktails and eating more than usual you might be feeling bloated and like you've put on weight due the holidays (the scales will even show a increase of weight) and are probably considering to go on a "detox diet".

Before that, let me explain something to you; it's not possible to gain weight "overnight". However, your weight (on the scale) may vary by a few kilos after a period out of your normal routine, from day to day or even within the same day. This doesn't necessarily mean you're any fatter or leaner.


Usually when we are out of our normal routine we allow ourselves to eat and drink a more than usual, we ate on different times that usual, and most of the festive/ restaurant meals contain more sugar, salt, condiments, refined carbohydrates and trans fat than what we eat on the daily basis. Which can cause: increased faecal load (more food = more faecal volume/poop), fluid retention, glycogen stores.

Don't underestimate your body. As soon as you get back to your normal routine, drink plenty of water and exercise and as a magical trick your body will find back its balance. 
That is because our bodies detoxes and cleanses themselves. Our kidneys, digestive system, cardiovascular system, liver, blood, skin and every cell in our body effectively filter and eliminate toxins every single day. Things like cleanse teas, detox supplements, weekend cleanses, detox juices, are programs that are completely unrealistic and simply don’t work.

Yes, You can be a good buddy and give to you body an extra help. But instead of considering to starve yourself, focusing on cutting food, magic supplements and creating a unhealthy cycle, support your body’s natural detoxification channels through: 

  • Eating more whole and natural foods (more green leafy and cruciferous vegetables, beets, fruits, alkaline foods, seeds...).

  • High in Antioxidants food to control and reduce oxidative stress (teas and herbs such as turmeric, ginger, green tea, grapefruit, cabbage)

  • Avoiding processed and high in sugar foods;

  • Managing stress/ Breathing; 

  • Sleeping; 

  • Being Active;

  • Drinking plenty of water;

  • Sweating.


Daily habits that involves more than doing a 7-day juice cleanse and will help you to achieve good health, gain energy and feel amazing. It is all about creating a healthier approach to food and lifestyle changes that you will be benefiting on a long term basis.

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Talk to you again soon!

Love, Luana xx