Environmentally Friendly Swaps


How are you up with your New Year’s Resolution? It is already February, another month has passed, I can’t believe how fast 2019 is going.

Every new year we wish to be more successful in our careers, eat healthier, exercise more, find love...

We talk so much about health eating, lifestyle changes and becoming the best version of ourselves but we often forget how much the environment has an impact on it.

We are part of the Nature and the Nature is part of us. We are in constant exchange with nature and our lives depend on this exchange.

You might have no idea about it, but an eco-friendly lifestyle impacts more than just the planet it affects your health too.

There are minor lifestyle changes we can all make, that—if even a mere 10% of the population did them—would make a huge difference for our health and create a very positive impact to the planet.

10 Tips for a more Sustainable 2019

-Go Reusable with KeepCups; Bento Box or glass containers; Canvas shopping bags; Beeswax Food Wraps; Reusable Coffee Capsules; Menstrual Cups and Stainless Steel Straws.


-Get out more! Spend more time in contact with nature;

-Drive less. Walk, ride and run more;

-Switch to fair trade, local made products;

-Reduce, reuse and Recycle. Check the amazing work from Hila Upcycled

-Reduce your meat intake and eat organic when possible.

-Ditch disposable fashion. Slow and eco fashion are the new trend. For activewear check Horizon Athletic and Wod Up. When I need a wardrobe update my first option are second hand markets or stores such as Garagem Collective and conscious brands like Citizen Wolf

-Detox your beauty and cleaning cabinet, swap for natural, organic products. I personally use Juniper Organics skincare and make up from Lust Mineral Cosmetic;

-Buy products with less packaging and opt for plastic free, join the #plasticfreerevolution . Check it out Eco Coconut and The Environmental Toothbrush

-Join movements and help raising awareness to your community . Each decision we make collectively has the power to change the world for good or bad. It is up to us as a community to join our power to guarantee a better living condition to our next generations. Here is a selection of inspiring content that I love to follow and get more information about it: Banish ; Plastic Free Bondi ; 4Ocean ; Meat Free Monday Australia ; Sustainable Table ; Meet Up

An ethical and sustainable living can be a little bit overwhelming and complicated as anything that takes us out of our comfort zone. But we can learn so much from it and also become much more flexible and creative.

There is always new eco-friendly alternatives and products to try. My latest swap was from convencional Nespresso machine coffee capsules to WayCap eco-friendly capsules from Crema Joe. Of course using the Nespresso capsules were more convenient as it is ready to use, but I chose to thinking about the negative impact that my ‘convenience’ might me causing to the planet.

Hopefully the suggestions can help you to give the first steps to a greener lifestyle. Do you have any other simple swap to share? I would love to hear them, please leave a comment below!