Portal & Symbol - Social Enterprise Cafes from The Pure Collective Foundation


There are so many reasons to indulge yourself with a nice meal. Food is a blessing don't you agree?

Even better when you also have the chance to create a positive impact, by giving back to others.


For love not money - is the signature of the Pure Collective, the philosophy that underpins every action, every choice, every intention.

The Pure Collective is an ecosystem of social enterprises that owns Symbol, Portal and Folonomo restaurants.

By simply enjoying a breakfast, lunch or even just a coffee in one of their profit for purpose venues, you allow them to help embody the change you want to see in the world as hundred percent of profits from their cafes is donated to a charity.

We, as customers, get to choose our impact with every purchase by voting on the charity we wish to support, putting a bouncy ball in a jar linked to this specific charity. The selection of charities rotate on a six-month or annual basis and you can get to know more about how it works here. Or by supporting their group training program (Symbols of Hope)


I’ve paid a visit to Portal and Symbol and would like to share more about my experience with you.

Hopefully after reading this article you will be considering to take your next brunch catchup in one of their locations.


On both cafes you can enjoy a delicious, seasonal meal, made with fresh, ethical & local ingredients served in sustainable, recycled and biodegradable packaging.

Both restaurants have a very similar variety of meals. Simple, yet a really versatile menu with vegan and gluten free options available.

Portal - Such a cool space located in the Mezzanine level at the No.1 Martin Place. One of Sydney’s most iconic buildings in the heart of the financial district.


It opens for breakfast and lunch. Portal is the fourth and latest venue from Pure Collective.

A styling and spacious decor, friendly space. Great place for coffee meetings or a freshly made meal during the working hours.

Symbol is located in the lobby of a North Sydney office building. The staff is as friendly as the staff from Portal, the restaurant is less busy though and the atmosphere is calm and cozy. There are art displays on the walls from the Project 504, a collaborative artist’s studio, and a wellness area, just the perfect space to relax and have a break enjoying a delicious Coconut Latte between working hours.


The cafe is making the difference with its front of house staff too. Some of Symbol’s floor team are refugees who are part of The Pure Collective’s Symbols of Hope programme, an initiative which offers hospitality training to recently settled migrants who are permitted to stay in Australia, but have yet to receive a visa to work.


Do you know more Not-for-Profit eateries in Sydney? Would love to hear about your experiences.